B2B – targeted databases

B2B – targeted databases

The Polish entrepreneurs and companies constitute over a million of potential customers for your services or products. Within this large group of recipients of marketing and sales messages, we are able to select the exactly tailored targeted group, whose needs will be consistent with your offer. Such activity determining potentially the best recipients of your products is the targeting of the B2B business databases.

Due to the acquisition and management of many pieces of information regarding the companies operating in Poland, we may tailor the database in such a way that it satisfies both the simplest locational requirements and atypical industries and economic sectors. The selection criteria of the future commercial contacts may be also based on the current situation of companies, generated turnover or the number of employed employees. The high level of detail of gained knowledge and concern for the up-to-dateness of information, allow us to optimise your marketing acgtivities and to increase their efficiency, generating profits whilst limiting the expenditures on marketing expenses. Competent and efficient targeting of the B2B business databases constitutes our competitive advantage.

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Precyzyjne targetowanie to nasza specjalność. Ponad 4 000 000 aktualnych rekordów czeka na ciebie.

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