Wszyscy wiedzą że coś się nie da zrobić, i wtedy pojawia się ten jeden który nie wie, że się nie da i on właśnie to coś robi.
- - Albert Einstein

Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing

Direct mailing

A direct mailing, which is a form of marketing communication, allows to send various advertising materials by means of traditional mail. Such sending is usually of advertising nature and its main advantage is its wide reach. Such direct mailing is a perfect solution in a situation, where a desired business objective requires to perform some action and it appears that material media are indispensable in that process.

 The most common applications of direct mailing are mostly the following:

  • survey invitations, 
  • promotional offers intended for the personalised recipient,
  • sending the promotional catalogues,
  • maintaining the bonds in the members’ clubs or enabling to obtain further rights,
  • sending the invitations to the trainings and any events regardless of industry.

 Additionally, we offer the sending of non-addressed printed forms, such as: folders,  advertising leaflets and flyers. During such promotional action, we use our databases, which allow us to deliver advertising materials.

 More information about our databases you may find below:

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