Email marketing – Mailing Campaigns

Email marketing – Mailing Campaigns

Email marketing constitutes a form of direct marketing that uses an email as a tool for delivering the marketing messages.


We provide complex services related to the email marketing:

  • we conduct testing of email sending,
  • we deal with preparation of content and email message creation,
  • we send the email messages by using proven internal systems and IT solutions,
  • we investigate and analyse the email marketing results, which allow our Partners to draw conclusions from their own activity.
  • we support Partners in creating and developing the email databases, by enabling to create the databases according to the desired targeted group,
  • we give the possibility of multi-channel communication with the use of email marketing and other forms of communication with Customers.

By using email Marketing, you may reach a large number of recipients, at the same time informing them about the current offer. Thanks to the email marketing our Partners may also learn about the preferences of their Customers, and hence – accurately classify the recipients.

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