B2B business databases

B2B – Business Database

Using the information contained in the B2B business database, you are able to gain the possibility of reaching companies interested in your services or products.

Business B2B databases are widely used for building relationships with business partners:

  • They allow fast and efficient creation of groups of potential customers;
  • Give the possibility of a quick presentation of products and services for selected entrepreneurs;
  • Allow for the delivery of marketing information to selected groups of customers (the selection criteria are selected always on the basis of products or services our customers)
  • Ensure effective communication and feedback on the effects of marketing and salesactivities;

Business B2B database offered by NeoCraft are a collection of current information about` companies and enterprises engaged in active business activities that generate revenue and waiting for new business contacts. Companies that provide us with information about its activities, the sector of operation and contact details, are really interested in establishing business cooperation and waiting for new proposals for developing their business.

Our company also provides services related to the management of the database. Effectively categorize the information we provide standardization processes, comparing the customer base of our base, as well as the selection of the appropriate group of entrepreneurs interested in potential cooperation with our customers.

Our specialists in the field of database management combine their experience with customer expectations, always tailoring our products to meet your needs and goals.

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