Benefits arising from the use of the B2C consumer database

Benefits arising from the use of the B2C consumer database

  • We give the possibility to optimize costs by sending e-mails to our B2C database but only to interested groups of respondents;
  • Consumer database offers a possibility to improve your sales results by offering the data of consumers willing to buy your products or services;
  • We offer attractive lower prices for larger orders;
  • We offer full data protection;
  • B2C database may have been prepared in accordance with your requirements;

OUR B2C consumer database suits for the following tasks:

  • The telemarketing campaigns, as we can provide chat scripts that allow call center and contact center companies to generate high level of sales conversions;
  • In attracting potential customers for sales representatives;
  • The market research – using our consumer database you can carry out research on their own products and services;
  • The e-mail marketing campaigns targeting individual respondents – never before sending information to such a large audience has been so easy and quick task;
  • The occasional campaigns (eg birthday and name-day – we can generate for you the list of people who are, in a given day, celebrating birthdays and name days)


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