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- - Arystoteles Onassis

B2B leads

B2B leads

B2B leads

As one of the few entities operating on the Polish market, we can offer you a cooperation in the scope of providing the B2B leads. Generating of the B2B leads constitutes one of the greatest challenges in the process of lead generation.


What are the B2B leads?

The B2B lead may be called any record that includes the data of potential business customer, who is strongly determined to choose the particular service or product. We have in mind here a person that represents the particular business entity that we are interested in. The accurate example of the B2B lead may be the contact to the person dealing with marketing in the particular entrepreneurship that is interested in purchasing our advertising service.


Why is it worth to use the B2B leads

  • We organise a B2B leads generating program for you;
  • We create a specialist landing page intended for generating of the B2Bleads;
  • The created landing page  has all features of user experience that increase the efficiency of sales based on the acquired B2B leads;
  • We offer a free sample of the B2B leads for sales testing;
  • In the process of lead generation, we use our B2B email database;

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