Generating of the B2B leads

Generating of the B2B leads

The process of generating the B2B leads (B2B Lead Generation) is considerably much more complicated than the B2C lead generation. This is due to the specificity of business customer, who is frequently more demanding than the individual one. By using the unique know-how, NeoCraft has developed methods of lead generation even on such demanding market.


How do we generate the B2B leads?

  • We create a website (landing page), which is visited by the sales representatives of the companies that are interested in your offer and where they leave any relevant contact data;
  • In our B2B database we use email marketing in order to create interest of the potential contact persons.
  • Any contact person visiting the landing page leaves information regarding the purchasing preferences of his/her entrepreneurship.
  • When a potential customer is interested in your products or services, it is recorded in the system as a record in the database.
  • The selected record becomes a valuable B2B lead.
  • The B2B lead is forwarded to you immediately after its generation.
  • The forwarded B2B lead is used in such a way that it offers detailed information regarding your product or service to the potential customer.
  • On the basis of the forwarded detailed information, the contact to the potentially strongly interested in the B2B Customer occurs.

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