B2C leads

B2C leads

We would like to offer you a cooperation, in the scope of generating and providing the B2C leads. The use of leads constitutes one of the most modern way to reach the persons, who are at the moment looking for your product or service, with the offer.


What are the B2C leads?

The B2C lead may be called any record that includes the data of potential customer, who is strongly determined to choose the particular service or product. For example, a customer indicates in the form that in the nearest future he/she intends to change the mobile network operator and gives his/her personal data, at the same time requesting for the contact through the telecommunication company. The database record that includes the contact to this customer may be considered as a sales lead, because this person is at the given time looking for an offer on the specific product or service.


Why is it worth to use the B2C leads

  • We create a leads generating program for you;
  • We collect even tens of thousands of leads monthly for you;
  • We provide fluency of leads delivery;
  • We offer a free sample of leads for sales testing;
  • We determine the form of questions resulting in the flow of potential customers;
  • We pass the obtained leads within a few minutes after their generation (rapid use of lead may result in up to twice the size of sales);
  • By appropriate question-asking,  we eliminate the costs of contact with persons not interested in receiving the offer;
  • Our settlement depends on the sales outcomes resulting from the leads provided by us;
  • You only pay for the provided leads.


Products and services, which are sold perfectly thanks to the B2C leads

  • credit cards;
  • bank accounts;
  • cash loans;
  • mortgage loans;
  • insurances;
  • telecommunications services.


Cases when your organisation will benefit from the use of the B2C leads:

  • If you want to effectively measure the costs and results of the marketing and sales activities;
  • If you need to reach the customers truly interested in your product or service fast and efficiently;
  • If you need current information on the potential customers and their real needs;
  • If you need an access to the database of customers with high purchasing potential;


Is the efficiency of working on the leads high?

The efficiency of working on the leads is extremely high. It has been proven that in the case of telephone contacts with the customers, the sales conducted with the use of leads is approximately several times as effective as the sales conducted with the use of standard databases.

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