Generating of the B2C leads

Generating of the B2C leads

The overall process of generating the B2C leads (the so-called Lead Generation) has been considered and designed to efficiently collect information, which will constitute the source of high sales of products and services offered by you. How does it work in practice? By using the appropriate know-how, we direct the respondents to our websites. These persons leave there information about their current consumer preferences. For example, if a respondent is looking for a new motor insurance, because the validity period of the current one expires in one month’s time, he/she leaves information on that matter on our website. This information is immediately forwarded to our partner and he/she contacts with the respondent in order to present his/her insurance offer.


Sample questions for the leads:

  • Do you have any financial surpluses?
  • Are you planning to take a cash loan?
  • Are you planning to start foreign language learning?
  • Are you planning to purchase a digital television?
  • Do you purchase online?
  • Are you planning to purchase mobile Internet?
  • Are you planning to purchase property insurance?

In order to satisfy your needs, we are able to generate a specific question that will increase the return on sales of the particular product or service.


How do we generate the B2C leads?

  • We create a website (landing page), on which the respondents may leave any information regarding the products and services they are interested in.
  • We encourage the respondents to visit the landing page.
  • A respondent visiting the landing page willingly leaves information regarding his/her consumer preferences and interests. It is possible due to the establishment of unique interaction between the website and the user.
  • When the respondent’s answers are coherent and he/she is interested in your products or services, it is recorded in the system.
  • The selected record becomes a valuable B2C lead.
  • The B2C lead is forwarded to you within just a few minutes after its generation.
  • The forwarded B2C lead is used in such a way that it offers detailed information regarding your product or service to the respondent.
  • On the basis of the forwarded detailed information, the process of sales occurs.


Technical way of the B2C lead acquisition

  • We create a website, the so-called landing page with questions about our customers’ interests and make it available.
  • The Internet traffic is directed to the created landing page.
  • The persons interested in the offer or contact leave their data.

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