B2C – targeted databases

B2C – targeted databases

  • Databases tailored to your needs.

NeoCraft puts a strong emphasis on the provision to its Customers of the B2C customer databases of high marketing potential. The creation of databases tailored to the needs of our customers includes, among others, the extraction of the particular customer targeted groups from the database, to which the follow-up campaign is addressed. The process of the customer selection for marketing purposes is called targeting.


  • Increasing the efficiency through targeting

Targeting constitutes a very significant stage of the marketing campaign preparation. Due to this targeting process, the efficiency of marketing activities is increasing, because the appropriate user who is waiting for our service is reached. During the process of preparation of the message form and content (e.g. email contents), it is already known to whom it is addressed. Having knowledge of buyers’ behaviour, the campaigns, which will have an effective impact on the selected targeted group, may be created.


  • Various targeting criteria

Our consumer databases may be targeted in terms of such criteria as sex, age, place of residence, profession or level of education. These are the most effective forms of targeting. However, sometimes the targeted groups extracted on the basis of e.g. age or place of residence are  very heterogeneous in terms of purchasing behaviours. Therefore, the behavioural targeting constitutes an alternative to the above mentioned targeting. In that case, the analysis includes such information about the potential customers as the interest in the particular mailings, other behaviours in the Internet or responses to the campaigns. By way of illustration, in the case when a consumer has clicked on the mailing concerning the promotion of collision, comprehensive and third party (AC/OC) insurance, it is highly probable that this consumer will also be interested in the promotion of car accessories.

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