Characteristics of the B2C consumer database

Characteristics of the B2C consumer database

The current size of the B2C consumer database is 700 000 records.


The basic record of the B2C consumer database comprises of the following fields:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Contact telephone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Age;
  • Sex;
  • Contact email address;
  • Name of place of residence;
  • Postal code of place of residence;
  • Street of place of residence;
  • Building number of place of residence;
  • Voivodeship of place of residence;
  • Dictrict of place of residence;


The extended records comprise of the following additional fields:

  • Level of respondent’s education;
  • Position (professional standing) of respondent;
  • Number of children;
  • Monthly income;
  • Information about mobile network of recipient’s mobile phone;
  • Passenger car – information whether a respondent has one;
  • Financial surpluses – information whether a respondent has them;


The B2C consumer database may be used by means of the following main marketing communication forms:

  • e-mail marketing
  • telemarketing
  • direct mailing
  • sms marketing


Every day the updating processes of the B2C databases are performed. They are conducted as follows:

  • Postal addresses are updated  by means of postal returns.
  • Updating of telephone records is performed by the external call centers and HLR status;
  • Updating of all records (including, email addresses) is performed by the activities conducted on the Internet network.

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