Bogata osoba powinna zostawić swoim dzieciom wystarczająco, aby coś robić, ale nie wystarczająco, aby nie robić nic.
- War­ren Buf­fett




Co-registration is a system that enables the registration of respondents on several mailing lists simultaneously.


It is performed during the registration process on the particular website or by the email confirming the user’s registration. He/she is then given an option of simultaneous signing up to the mailing lists of websites of the selected topic areas.

Such activity allows you to extend your mailing lists. The advantage for the users is that he/she fills the registration form only once.


Co-registration in practice

  • The respondent reaches the website that belongs to NeoCraft;
  • On the website he /she expresses interest in services, fills in the registration form, leaves his/her personal and corporate data and contact data;
  • Furthermore, the respondent expresses interest in services provided by your company and additionally he/she makes tick mark that he/she wants to receive commercial and marketing information also from you
  • The respondent is added to the database, which is then transferred to you by NeoCraft;

Zapytaj o ofertę

  • Wyrażam zgodę na otrzymywanie informacji handlowych drogą elektroniczną na podany przeze mnie adres e-mail.