Retargeting is an activity based on identification of customers, who have been searching the particular offer in the Internet, have opened mail with the offer or who have visited the website.

Noebazy offers you advertising services that include directing to such customers the advertising messages which encourage to come back on the advertiser’s website and to purchase.

Such activities are highly effective due to the fact that the customer has already known the advertiser’s brand and he/she may even be interested in the advertiser’s offer.

Retargeting illustrated with an example:

  • You order the advertising mailing regarding the B2C consumer database with up to 800 thousand respondents;
  • The results of the email marketing campaign indicate that approximately 85 thousand persons have opened the email with your offer, whereas 13 thousand respondents have clicked on the created email link and visited your website
  • Further analysis of behaviour of those 13 thousand respondents on your website indicates that approximately 500 of them have made purchases.
  • Retargeting works by directing once again the commercial or marketing message to the group of those 13.000 – 500 = 12,500 respondents, they may be strongly interested in your services.
  • The telephone contact may also be used regarding the above mentioned group of 12500 prospects

Our retargeting services allow our Customers to effectively increase their sales. They do not lose contact with valuable purchasers, who have been, to some extent, interested in their offer.

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