Lease of the B2C consumer databases

Lease of the B2C consumer databases

Lease of the properly selected B2C database constitutes a guarantee of increasing effectiveness and certainty of implementation of the particular marketing objectives and plans. We make our best effort to fully implement the plans assumed by the Customers, on the basis of our database.


The leased B2C consumer databases that belong to NeoCraft are ideal for the following applications:

  • Telemarketing campaigns addressed to the potential individual customers (we have call scripts, which allow  the companies of call and contact center to develop a high level of conversion),
  • Acquisition of customers for the sales representatives,
  • B2C market research (by using our databases, you may check the reception of your products and services),
  • Advertising campaigns addressed to the individual respondents,
  • Birthday and name day campaigns (we generate for you on ongoing basis the contact list of persons celebrating their name day or birthday on a given day).


Benefits of leasing the B2C consumer databases:

  • Increase of efficiency of sales of the selected products and services.
  • Care of the specialist team in the scope of work on the provided database.
  • Advice and matching of the appropriate method of selection, tailored to the individual expectations
  • Opportunity to generate a database with  the most narrowed criteria of targeting.
  • Clear model of cooperation and high discount systems.


The B2C consumer databases allow to precisely indicate the appropriate customers in all available marketing channels. The opportunity to lease databases is an excellent way to reach to the new customers. The properly selected database constitutes a guarantee of increasing effectiveness and certainty of implementation of the particular marketing objectives. We make our best effort to fully implement the plans assumed by the Partners, on the basis of our database.


Taking into account the specificity related to the diversity of needs, we ensure that the databases profile is as flexible as possible and  fully tailored to the expectations of our Customers. The selection of the appropriate database constitutes a key step in the first sales activities. The numerous created websites constitute a main source of database generation. The framework of these websites allows to collect key information about the respondent. The Internet user visiting the particular website receives various sets of questions that enable to determine his/her preferences. On the basis of the acquired information, we classify the respondents into the particular targeted groups depending on the searching target.


In order to satisfy your needs, we provide specialist advice in the areas related to the selection of targeted groups and also to the way of conducting the efficient campaign (in particular the telephone one). We offer an efficient process of ordering and providing databases, thanks to which within three working days we ensure the preparation of the database package. Due to the specificity of our activity, ensuring the security and safety of the undertaken processes, first and foremost with regard to the collected and processed personal data, constitutes a matter of priority for us. Each time the leased database is sent to the server, to which you get all access passwords, in order to download it. This solution allows for safe transfer of records and their immediate use in the planned campaign.

In our database we select information with regard to:

  • sex,
  • age,
  • level of education,
  • voivodeship,
  • city,
  • position/professional standing,
  • number of children,
  • monthly income,
  • owning a car,
  • owning a phone in the particular mobile network,
  • plans regarding life insurance for himself/herself and his/her relatives,
  • plans of purchasing a digital television platform,
  • plans of purchasing online,
  • plans of purchasing mobile Internet,
  • plans of starting foreign language learning,
  • financial surpluses,
  • motor insurances.


Our company has been created  to provide complete and effective information to the entities from various sectors. We invite you to place an order that allows you to get access to the databases with high ratio of up-to-dateness available on the Polish market.  

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