Lease of the B2B business databases

Lease of the B2B business databases

By using our potential and experience, we focus on the leasing of selected databases from the B2B area. In our activities we concentrate on searching for valuable contacts that enable the increase of quality of your sales process. The lease of our B2B databases allows you to reach all actively operating companies in Poland. Thanks to this, our resources become an excellent tool used for acquisition of new business contacts  to the economic entities functioning in our country.

We provide immediate support in the scope of provision of prepared databases used for effective sales of our Partners products and services. The appropriate selection of databases with regard to the needs and conducted sales activities constitutes a matter of priority for us. Within our resources there are over one thousand industrial groups, thanks to this we can directly reach each market segment.

The main selection criteria of our B2B database are:

  • Geolocation,
  • Industry;
  • Legal form,
  • Form of ownership,
  • Year of starting up business activity,
  • Turnover/profit,
  • Number of employed employees,
  • Car fleet.


In order to satisfy your needs, we provide specialist advice in the areas related to the selection of industry groups, and also to the way of conducting the efficient campaign (in particular the telephone one). We offer an efficient process of ordering and providing databases. Due to the specificity of our activity, ensuring the security and safety of the undertaken processes, first and foremost with regard to the collected data, constitutes a matter of priority for us. Each time the leased database is send to the server, to which you get all access passwords, in order to download it. This solution allows  for safe transfer of records and their immediate use in the planned campaign.

Providing access to and creation of high quality databases constitute one of the priorities of our company. We invite you to place an order that allows you to get access to the databases with high ratio of up-to-dateness available on the Polish market.

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